Sunday, August 10, 2014

Big Mobile Brands monitor closely iPhone 6 Launch

It is labelled as the most awaited mobile launch ever for obvious reasons and it is giving sleepless nights to the competition. Lets get to this story.

It comes from Apple , the most innovative Brand in the mobile market. Period.

Apple Logo

Apple is going to open up to new dimensions for which it was continuously getting negative remarks. The BIGGER Screen Size.

Stretching its dimensions

 Apple swears by only one phone - The iPhone. and they don't have a huge lineup of phone models. It was only in last few releases that we saw the colorful versions pushed on and they flopped miserably due to heavy pricing.

Colorful iPhone

Apple launches are no less than any rock concert. People line up in front of shops to get hands on the latest gizmo of the world.

crowd at iPhone launch

iPhone users know how they feel when they hold an iPhone.
It is cleverly and *classically* designed.

     New Asian brands giving stiff competition to established brands like Apple Samsung, Read here

 They hate using plastics like Samsung and are not like Sony phones which are little girlish. HTC making their UI very heavy right from hen HTC sense started in android 1.6.
Sorry for getting heavy on other brands but this are the negative comments we captured for brands.
Design marvel

iPhone really upped their look quotient when the iPhone 4 series came out.  The edged looks were made to kill.

The metallic edgy design

iOS operating system was and is the most stable Operating System (OS) , even more stable then Android. I have been into Operating System designing and so know what it takes to give an iPhone experience.
Android has come a long way from the earlier popups of java error in its initial versions, but it still struggles with memory issues. The best proof for this is Android Play store. Memory management apps makes to to 50. This is a shame on the Android OS. Again, facts are facts. there is no denying them :)

 Apple users who use advance futures knows how secure there data is . and Why instead of being criticized for lack of Bluetooth and etc sharing freedom, apple behaves like a guardian and provides the right freedom , realizing it needs to secure your data. Having explored the hacking side of Software's and vulnerability of Operating Systems, Apple does a good job with iOS.

finger sensor (security feature)

And there is a reason to Apple's dominance... and it shows with those Samsung ads trying to show iPhone down, but make it appear that Samsung is getting more desperate and irritated on the iPhone popularity.

Samsung you should ask every celebrity across the globe , almost 90% use iPhone. You should rather ask the President himself :)

Obama using iPhone

Well enough said about why iPhone rules the mobile game.

Now lets see what it means to Competition. What it means to Samsung & HTC... blah blah

Insiders have reported. Samsung has already warned employees that the After Steve Jobs phase can be a Samsung killer in Mobile markets.

What to understand before buying a new phone. Apple, Samsung  or HTC SONY to read this Click here

  Apple can start addressing different market segments which was not its earlier strategy and it would normally launch one phone for all.
But when Apple started experimenting with iPhone 5c and now it will target people with different screen size likings.

Apple playing the size game
  How consumers take iPhone 6 launch and what happens in the following months will decide what strategy Samsung and other players will employ.
Right now they are awaiting the launch with bated breath as we all are. But there is something more to add...they are also waiting with heavy limbs :D

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Motorola G price drops sensing competition

Motorola drops price of its highest selling Indian phone (Motorola G) sensing competition from newer brands like Xiaomi and Asus.

If you are not aware of the Magic Moto G spelled in India. Here are few facts.

1. Moto G is a phone from a good brand and is backed by Google as Google has owned Motorola Mobility and also now backed by Lenovo.

2. Moto G is a a quad core phone in which the cores are made of Snapdragon processor unlike the other brands which provide CPU cores from cheap manufacturer MediaTek. It is sold in black colored back panel and back panels of different colors can be purchased separately.

Moto G & colored Back covers

3. High hardware specs like Snapdragon CPU comes for a high price but Moto G despite having HD screen, Gorilla Glass sturdiness still is priced very competitively.

4. It comes with water protection coating( it also comes costly) ,an important feature which Indians need given the rainy season and lots of other parameters.

Water Resistant Coating

5. It comes with the latest Android OS updates as compared to any other phone on this planet ( Google magic)

6. Just the sells of Moto G has taken Motorola ahead of Nokia( India's fav brand before 2010)

7. It looks good overall as a device and doesn't look like a budget phone from any angle. 
And this phone has got the highest positive rating by 32000+ on its Indian Retail store( it sells on Flipkart only). Flipkart Sales Head states that No another phone on their site has seen this much of success before.

Best looking Budget phone

And shockingly now Moto G is priced less by around Rs 2000 ( $33 )
It comes for Rs 11,999 ($200) and earlier it was priced Rs 13,999( $233)  for 16GB model
and the 8Gb comes for Rs 10,499($170) earlier it was priced Rs 12,499 ( $203)

You can explore the product on Flipkart by clicking this image.

HTC, Sony, Apple or Xiaomi, Asus, Gionee. Battle of the brands

We know about big brands such as Apple, HTC or Sony.
but what's with this new brand storming the market. Its a battle out there.

All the big brands are worried about this threatening attack from south-west asian manufacturers and their aggressive pricing.

There names are also completely alien to us :) Xiaomi being the latest addition.

Let's cover the 3 brands that have traveled from overseas to storm Indian market.

1. Xiaomi

Xiaomi MI3
  On the present day, no other phone can claim a better specification to price ratio.
About the company Xiaomi and why it has an edge that we will address soon.
Now Xiaomi has launched MI3 phone. Which is a tried and tested winner for the company.The same phone was launched in China around a year back and had sold 1 million units in 90 seconds from company's online store.
This phone is priced at 14000 and has specs that can put Samsung S4 in shock and almost touch the performance of  Samsung's flagship device Note 3.

Xiaomi MI3
Xiaomi MI3
   No wonder It is out of stock at the online store ( it sells only on flipkart).

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Which Mobile to buy? How to decide?

Which phone should I buy or shall I wait for the new IPhone 6?
or one of these...
HTC one M8
Samsung S5
Sony Xperia Z2
This decisions plague over mind.
The phone we loved a year back looks obsolete… What could have gone wrong possibly?
Attractive phone models
1. We went for the latest specs while buying our phone.

    This is more of an psychological problem than anything else.
This need to change or else… You won’t be just buying a new phone frequently and overspending your dollars but more importantly you wont be happy with your mobile.


One needs to change this and this is more of will power than anything else and little bit of maturity :)

2.We have a budget cap in which we have to buy a phone.

You may find it silly to even mention this point.
But wait… I have a tried and tested way for this.
Its better to wait and buy what you *love* then buying something of lesser cost but which you just like & not love.
This has advantages
By buying your loved mobile you end up using your mobile for a longer time so more value for money as it serves you for long period with same cost.

Example time:

Let’s run through an example.
I had to buy a good cellphone. So I went & bought Sony Xperia Z which cost me around $600+.
I wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend that much,but I loved this phone.
Meantime one of my best pal went for a cheaper make which cost him somewhere around $400.

Friday, August 1, 2014

How not to get overwhelmed with new Technology.

Its simple. If you look around, the technical things and their interaction with our day to day life is growing day by day.
Its software or hardware or to simply say a new technology.

Too much Technology
It started a decade back with the Computers turning into PC's( personal computers).
Suddenly normal people had computing power at their hands to do complex things. we suddenly got an extra brain other than ours to work for us. No previous human in mankind had this liberty.

But the technology is growing leaps and bounds, and some people are finding it hard to catch up. There is no need to understand all of it , but knowing around 25% of anything or any big successful product makes life easy.

Lets take an example: Mobile phones and people in their 60's don't go well. Cellphones and their jargon's like CPU, Quad Core, Octa core, Rams, Pixels, Memory management are too much for them. They feel overwhelmed or sometimes as if their time has gone. The situation is to be blamed for this. not they are to be blamed, not technology.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hike messenger, a big threat to Whatsapp

Everyone knows Whatsapp is making a killing with the no of users under their umbrella. And as Facebook, it is a social network brand name which is getting famous day by day. But wait... there is a threat. Its named Hike.

For those who don't know what is "Hike"??? .Everyone is familiar with word hike, and love it when it is mentioned with their job pay :)

Hike is a messenger, Hike Messenger to be precise. Which is very active in India( will come to that later on). But Whatsapp rules India as of now.

Then why is Hike a threat to Whatsapp? Lets get some Tech food for our brains. Lets Chow.

Hike tops app store above Whatsapp & Facebook

1. Hike is very focused on its Target market.

    The target market is India as of now, as it has a large mobile customer base. Focusing on a specific segment of the market is a good sign of any key player, It helps the product to mold correctly and improve steadily before going for the big leap. By big leap I mean conquering the world market. Whatsapp isn't doing that as such. Remember the hullah created for not having a small smiley of the Indian flag, and later addition of that small smiley icon almost after a year ( that's almost ignoring the sentiments of a large customer base)

2. Hike has learned from others mistake.

   WeChat tried to create lot of buzz on Indian shores by lots of celebrity endorsements right from high paid Movie stars to Sportsperson but it couldn't bulge Whatsapp. Hike Team realized, its not endorsements but a kick ass product which will seal the deal for them.

3. Hike has better privacy features.

   This is very high on users agenda when they get on online messengers.
Users do care who sees or stalks them, if its their last seen or their profile pictures. Whatsapp was ignoring this suggestion from a long time. It has improved its privacy but not close to what Hike does.
Hike lets you manage privacy at a granular level. You can choose who sees your last seen on every user level eg: Tom sees my last seen but Jack doesn't.