Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Motorola G price drops sensing competition

Motorola drops price of its highest selling Indian phone (Motorola G) sensing competition from newer brands like Xiaomi and Asus.

If you are not aware of the Magic Moto G spelled in India. Here are few facts.

1. Moto G is a phone from a good brand and is backed by Google as Google has owned Motorola Mobility and also now backed by Lenovo.

2. Moto G is a a quad core phone in which the cores are made of Snapdragon processor unlike the other brands which provide CPU cores from cheap manufacturer MediaTek. It is sold in black colored back panel and back panels of different colors can be purchased separately.

Moto G & colored Back covers

3. High hardware specs like Snapdragon CPU comes for a high price but Moto G despite having HD screen, Gorilla Glass sturdiness still is priced very competitively.

4. It comes with water protection coating( it also comes costly) ,an important feature which Indians need given the rainy season and lots of other parameters.

Water Resistant Coating

5. It comes with the latest Android OS updates as compared to any other phone on this planet ( Google magic)

6. Just the sells of Moto G has taken Motorola ahead of Nokia( India's fav brand before 2010)

7. It looks good overall as a device and doesn't look like a budget phone from any angle. 
And this phone has got the highest positive rating by 32000+ on its Indian Retail store( it sells on Flipkart only). Flipkart Sales Head states that No another phone on their site has seen this much of success before.

Best looking Budget phone

And shockingly now Moto G is priced less by around Rs 2000 ( $33 )
It comes for Rs 11,999 ($200) and earlier it was priced Rs 13,999( $233)  for 16GB model
and the 8Gb comes for Rs 10,499($170) earlier it was priced Rs 12,499 ( $203)

You can explore the product on Flipkart by clicking this image.

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