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Why this Blog?

Why this name?

Let's start with a story... Or to be precise as in the technical world... Let me tell you some fact.

There are three types of people in this world. 

1.Technical experts
 This guys are technically proficient .They work equally hard to be there and are always treated or looked upon as the smart ones in this world of technology.They benefit from their knowledge at work and in their life. They are of great help just by their shear knowledge.

2. Unaware of technology 
This guys turn a blind eye to Tech, often empty their pockets heavily when a Tech prob comes in any form, from their electricity switch not working to their mobile phones running slow.

3. The In-Betweens 
Last are those who are not technical experts but are aware of technology enough to survive and handle the tech spreading across their life. This are Tech SmartAss (TSA).
The term Tech as they are aware or technology which will give them an edge over the 2nd category in day to day life and SmartAss coz they are smart for not learning technology the hard way as the first category.
This people hook on to a nice source of improving their Tech knowledge .
This Blog is one such good source of Info.

Via this Blog, we will help in making you a TSA or maintaining it ...if you are not one.

So bookmark us for the latest updates and Tech news

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