Tuesday, August 5, 2014

HTC, Sony, Apple or Xiaomi, Asus, Gionee. Battle of the brands

We know about big brands such as Apple, HTC or Sony.
but what's with this new brand storming the market. Its a battle out there.

All the big brands are worried about this threatening attack from south-west asian manufacturers and their aggressive pricing.

There names are also completely alien to us :) Xiaomi being the latest addition.

Let's cover the 3 brands that have traveled from overseas to storm Indian market.

1. Xiaomi

Xiaomi MI3
  On the present day, no other phone can claim a better specification to price ratio.
About the company Xiaomi and why it has an edge that we will address soon.
Now Xiaomi has launched MI3 phone. Which is a tried and tested winner for the company.The same phone was launched in China around a year back and had sold 1 million units in 90 seconds from company's online store.
This phone is priced at 14000 and has specs that can put Samsung S4 in shock and almost touch the performance of  Samsung's flagship device Note 3.

Xiaomi MI3
Xiaomi MI3
   No wonder It is out of stock at the online store ( it sells only on flipkart).

2. Gionee
Gionee Elife E6
The Sexy, Full HD Gionee Elife E6
This brand too has traveled from the Chinese shores. Gionee is a new brand compared to Asus and has good experience in assembling hardware... But has no such different strategy and is like most other assemblers. Karbonn, Micromax are also assemblers.
Gionee for years didn't had much luck with their phones and then the Elife series came.

They realized they have to make low cost and high performing phones.

Gionee Elife s5.5
The Slimmest phone till date Elife S5.5

They were extremely hit with their Elife E5 and then came Elite E6 which was a looker and made everyone take notice of it. It was priced bit costly and still on the present day it is heavily priced. Later phones where also widely acclaimed like E7 and E7 mini or elite S5.5
As they were performance + gorgeous mobile models.

But with new competition Gionee is finding it difficult to provide good services as well as offer phones with competitive prices.

3. Asus.
Asus launch
Asus launches 3 phones
Now Asus is not just another north Asian brand. It has headquarters based in Taiwan.
Asus like Apple is a R&D company.
For the non technical readers, just understand this means a lot.
It simply means they built what they design from scratch to finish & not just assemble the given options.

Asus is almost into most of technical stuff. You may have heard of Asus motherboards regarding your computer hardware or Asus graphic cards from the gamers.
Ok...back to mobiles, Asus has launched Zenphone series for Android mobiles. 
Asus ZenPhone5
Asus ZenPhone 5
This phones are decent looking. Extremely fast for the segment they are placed in. But the shocker is the price which they are launched. Let's not get into details specs you can read it here.

But to cut a long story short. When Zenphone was launched a month back. It was the best priced phone and had the best features to price ratio.


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