Sunday, August 10, 2014

Big Mobile Brands monitor closely iPhone 6 Launch

It is labelled as the most awaited mobile launch ever for obvious reasons and it is giving sleepless nights to the competition. Lets get to this story.

It comes from Apple , the most innovative Brand in the mobile market. Period.

Apple Logo

Apple is going to open up to new dimensions for which it was continuously getting negative remarks. The BIGGER Screen Size.

Stretching its dimensions

 Apple swears by only one phone - The iPhone. and they don't have a huge lineup of phone models. It was only in last few releases that we saw the colorful versions pushed on and they flopped miserably due to heavy pricing.

Colorful iPhone

Apple launches are no less than any rock concert. People line up in front of shops to get hands on the latest gizmo of the world.

crowd at iPhone launch

iPhone users know how they feel when they hold an iPhone.
It is cleverly and *classically* designed.

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 They hate using plastics like Samsung and are not like Sony phones which are little girlish. HTC making their UI very heavy right from hen HTC sense started in android 1.6.
Sorry for getting heavy on other brands but this are the negative comments we captured for brands.
Design marvel

iPhone really upped their look quotient when the iPhone 4 series came out.  The edged looks were made to kill.

The metallic edgy design

iOS operating system was and is the most stable Operating System (OS) , even more stable then Android. I have been into Operating System designing and so know what it takes to give an iPhone experience.
Android has come a long way from the earlier popups of java error in its initial versions, but it still struggles with memory issues. The best proof for this is Android Play store. Memory management apps makes to to 50. This is a shame on the Android OS. Again, facts are facts. there is no denying them :)

 Apple users who use advance futures knows how secure there data is . and Why instead of being criticized for lack of Bluetooth and etc sharing freedom, apple behaves like a guardian and provides the right freedom , realizing it needs to secure your data. Having explored the hacking side of Software's and vulnerability of Operating Systems, Apple does a good job with iOS.

finger sensor (security feature)

And there is a reason to Apple's dominance... and it shows with those Samsung ads trying to show iPhone down, but make it appear that Samsung is getting more desperate and irritated on the iPhone popularity.

Samsung you should ask every celebrity across the globe , almost 90% use iPhone. You should rather ask the President himself :)

Obama using iPhone

Well enough said about why iPhone rules the mobile game.

Now lets see what it means to Competition. What it means to Samsung & HTC... blah blah

Insiders have reported. Samsung has already warned employees that the After Steve Jobs phase can be a Samsung killer in Mobile markets.

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  Apple can start addressing different market segments which was not its earlier strategy and it would normally launch one phone for all.
But when Apple started experimenting with iPhone 5c and now it will target people with different screen size likings.

Apple playing the size game
  How consumers take iPhone 6 launch and what happens in the following months will decide what strategy Samsung and other players will employ.
Right now they are awaiting the launch with bated breath as we all are. But there is something more to add...they are also waiting with heavy limbs :D

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