Friday, August 1, 2014

How not to get overwhelmed with new Technology.

Its simple. If you look around, the technical things and their interaction with our day to day life is growing day by day.
Its software or hardware or to simply say a new technology.

Too much Technology
It started a decade back with the Computers turning into PC's( personal computers).
Suddenly normal people had computing power at their hands to do complex things. we suddenly got an extra brain other than ours to work for us. No previous human in mankind had this liberty.

But the technology is growing leaps and bounds, and some people are finding it hard to catch up. There is no need to understand all of it , but knowing around 25% of anything or any big successful product makes life easy.

Lets take an example: Mobile phones and people in their 60's don't go well. Cellphones and their jargon's like CPU, Quad Core, Octa core, Rams, Pixels, Memory management are too much for them. They feel overwhelmed or sometimes as if their time has gone. The situation is to be blamed for this. not they are to be blamed, not technology.

So how we can make us immune for future technological wonders or even stay ahead of the next generations?
One needs to do the following things in order.
Start to know how a computer works. Studies have showed people knowing basics of how computer works know a big deal about how other technical things work so..
It is not about everything a computer does...but basic things like
1.what is a computer ? does it store memory? Different kinds of memory? And why is the need for them? does it take command? does it understands command, is there any language? does it compute or process or simply work on any given task?

The above question are the biggest obstacles... Trust me on that.
Overcome this and then you will enter a territory that you will get to understand or question or reason almost every piece of technology to an extend ( which is satisfactory enough)

1.You will clearly know what is a mobile phone?
2.what is android or iOS and they are like windows which is frequently seen on screens. And what can go wrong with the thing beyond this names. understand what his a ATM machine or any piece of hardware and software combination.
4.Soon you can tell what part of a device has gone wrong when it stops working.( at least you will arrive to a conclusion if it's a software or a hardware part). Many novice people are looted by technicians for not knowing the approx problem of their devices.
you will not be overwhelmed by technology but the continuous easy learning journey will commence. And it will be a fun ride.

The next gen can learn a thing or two from you and they will look at you in high regards as the tech savvy man ;)
The steps mentioned in this blog will help you in kick starting to know tech aspects of working things.
That's it for this post.
Any other info you want me to write I will surely try to manage time to do so.

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