Sunday, August 3, 2014

Which Mobile to buy? How to decide?

Which phone should I buy or shall I wait for the new IPhone 6?
or one of these...
HTC one M8
Samsung S5
Sony Xperia Z2
This decisions plague over mind.
The phone we loved a year back looks obsolete… What could have gone wrong possibly?
Attractive phone models
1. We went for the latest specs while buying our phone.

    This is more of an psychological problem than anything else.
This need to change or else… You won’t be just buying a new phone frequently and overspending your dollars but more importantly you wont be happy with your mobile.


One needs to change this and this is more of will power than anything else and little bit of maturity :)

2.We have a budget cap in which we have to buy a phone.

You may find it silly to even mention this point.
But wait… I have a tried and tested way for this.
Its better to wait and buy what you *love* then buying something of lesser cost but which you just like & not love.
This has advantages
By buying your loved mobile you end up using your mobile for a longer time so more value for money as it serves you for long period with same cost.

Example time:

Let’s run through an example.
I had to buy a good cellphone. So I went & bought Sony Xperia Z which cost me around $600+.
I wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend that much,but I loved this phone.
Meantime one of my best pal went for a cheaper make which cost him somewhere around $400.

That mobile was high on specs and benchmarks and was a good buy as per various website reviews but it lacked the X factor.
Soon within a year my friend was already looking for a new phone and my mobile was still getting the attention it deserved.
He finally got a new mobile around $450 and sold earlier mobile for $180. So making him spend extra $270 for the new one.
Still I feel his new phone isn’t anywhere close to Sony Xperia Z.
And if you do the calculations at the end of 2 years I saved around $70 over what he spent and was using a better phone all the time.
So Guys and Girls… Go for a mobile you love. If its costly wait for a while until the cost reduces and you extract the cost of your old device. This needs patience :)
After that buy your loved mobile

The Sexy Iphone
The sexy Iphone
Once you have a better device… It easy to resist the marketing buzz of newer hardware specs, faster processors and what not.
Enjoy life. :)

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